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Valve Springs

Camshaft & Valve Attribute:
1.    Camshaft
2.    Camshaft & Valvetrain Assembly
3.    Camshaft Stopper Plate
4.    Rocker Arm Shaft (inlet)
5.    Rocker Arm Shaft (outlet)
6.    Rocker Arms
7.    Rocker Arms Assembly
8.    Valve (Intake)
9.    Valve (Exhaust)

10.    Valve Adjusting M5x0.50 Tappet  
11.    Valve Adjusting M9x5 Nuts
12.    Valve Assembly
13.    Valve Keepers
14.    Valve Seals
15.    Valve Spring Retainers
16.    Valve Spring Seat
17.    Valve Spring Set
18.    Valve Springs (inner)
19.    Valve Springs (outer)

Scooter performance valve springs for buddy/GY6.

Brand: G Part #: GY6VST
Description: G- Valve Spring Tool makes changing valves spring a safer, faster and easier.Specifications: •    1 Rubber Base Mat•    2 Metal Compression Rods•    Hollow Port Diameter: 12mm/ 0.47in•    Inner Ring Port Diameter: 6mm/ 0.24in•&..
Ex Tax:$14.95
Brand: Hoca Part #: 169-381
Description: Performance Hoca Valve Set 2V larger 21.5mm intake / 19mm exhaust valve. This Hoca Valve Set 2V 21.5/19 fits cylinder head [50mm-52mm] 2V for 139QMB 81-88cc engines (scooters, quads, and buggies). Use in conjunction with a rocker arm assembly 64mm 2v only (not 69mm).Specifications:Inclu..
Ex Tax:$22.50
Brand: NCY Part #: 1100-1284
Description: High-Performance NCY Valve Springs 11,000 RPM 2-Valve Electroplated Titanium for 139QMB 49/50cc+ and GY6 125/150cc+ 2-Valve Cylinder/Head.Specifications: Includes 2-Set of Springs Per Valve (inner and outer).•    Designed: Electroplated Titanium•    Materia..
Ex Tax:$17.99
Brand: SSP-G Part #: 169-414
Description: SSP-G 180cc Valve Set for upgrade 125cc and 150cc 4-stroke. Require GY6 63mm Cylinder Head. This cylinder Valve Set fits SSP-G Cylinder Head [63mm] 2V for GY6 180-205cc engines (scooters, quads, and buggies). Also, a replacement cylinder Valve Set for the Polaris RZR 170. Includes intak..
Ex Tax:$27.00
Brand: SSP-G Part #: 169-443
Description: SSP-G Viton Valve Seals can handle higher temperatures and have better wear resistance. These will work in 139QMB 49/50cc+ engines, 4-stroke GY6 125/150cc+ engines, ZNEN engines, and 250cc 4-stroke water-cooled CN250 172mm engines.Specifications:Includes the following 2-piece valve seal..
Ex Tax:$6.95
Brand: Taida Part #: GY6-2V-30.5/26.5
Description: Performance Taida Valve Set 2V larger 30.5/26.5 intake / exhaust valves. This Taida Valve Set 2V 30.5/26.5 fits Taida Cylinder Head [63mm-67mm] 2V for GY6 180cc-232cc engines (scooters, quads, and buggies). To increase performance, we suggest a performance camshaft.Specifications: Inclu..
Ex Tax:$63.30
Brand: Taida Part #: GY6-ABVC-2V
Description: High-Performance Taida Titanium Valve Spring Retainers. Real titanium valve retainers for 139QMB 49/50cc+ and GY6 125/150cc+ 2-Valve. These retainers are 50% lighter, stronger, wear-resistant titanium retainers compare to just stock metal retainers.Specifications: •  ..
Ex Tax:$37.45
Brand: Taida Part #: GY6-SPR-2V
Description: High-Performance Taida Valve Springs 12,000 RPM 2-Valve for 139QMB 49/50cc+ and GY6 125/150cc+ 2-Valve Cylinder/Head.Specifications: Includes 2-Set of Springs Per Valve (inner and outer), and Taida Sticker.•    Material: Steel Alloy•    Rated to 12,000 RPM•..
Ex Tax:$30.90
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