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G- Cylinder Stud 208mm 2V-4V Set (GY6)

G- Cylinder Stud 208mm 2V-4V Set (GY6)
G- Cylinder Stud 208mm 2V-4V Set (GY6)
G- Cylinder Stud 208mm 2V-4V Set (GY6)
G- Cylinder Stud 208mm 2V-4V Set (GY6)

Description: Cylinder Studs M8x208mm 2V Set for GY6 150cc 4-stroke ZNEN engines commonly found in Lance Phoenix, Flyscooters Cadenza, ZNEN ZN150T-18, Xingyue ITA-150, Motorino Cassini, CMS Prodigy, BMS Pathfinder, and many more.

NOTE: The long thread screw into the crankcase, the shorter thread is nutted. Recommended apply blue Loctite and torque no more than 7 ft-lbs max. on these 8mm studs. For assurance please consult your manufacturer's torque specs.


Include the following Cylinder stud set.

•    2x Cylinder Studs (Lt Crankcase  2V/ Rt Crankcase  4V): M8x208mm
•    Thread Length: 18mm (end-Crankcase)
•    Thread Length: 16mm (end-Rockrarm)
•    Fit Intake Studs: M6 / Nuts: M6 Socket: 10mm
•    Fit Exhaust Studs: M8 / Nuts: M8 / Socket: 12mm
•    Fit Cylinder Stud Nuts: M8 / Washers: M8 / Side Bolts: M6 / Socket: 8mm-12mm
•    Fit Dowel Pin Set (10x20mm)
•    Fit Cam Chain 47 (94) links
•    Fit Chain Guide (standard)
•    Fit GY6 125/150cc+ BORE
•    Optional: cut plastic fan shroud for best fitment

Supported Models: Taida Crankcase (Part #GY6-KS-S / #GY6-KS-L); GY6 152QMI 157QMJ 161QMK 161QML Chinese Scooter, ATV, Kymco, Ruckus, Vento, GY6B 150cc 4-stroke; BMS Pathfinder, BN157QMJ-3A, CMS Prodigy, Flyscooters Cadenza, Lance Phoenix, Motorino Cassini, Xingyue ITA-150, ZNEN ZN150T-18

Item Weight & Product Dimensions:
•    0.388 pounds | 8.188" (L) x 0.629" (W) x 0.250" (H)

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G- Cylinder Stud 208mm 2V-4V Set (GY6)
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