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Stage6 Boost Bottle Anodized Blue Set

Stage6 Boost Bottle Anodized Blue Set

Description: Stage6 Boost Bottle Anodized Blue Set. While the Malossi Boost Bottle is intended for 125-250cc engines, this one from Stage6 is specially designed for 70cc engines. Like the Doppler version, it has a solid chamber, which prevents the airstream from oscillating back and forth through the carb's venturi when the throttle is lowered, hence the airstream is only charged with fuel once which improves pick-up when the throttle is opened. This way your scooter also will have fewer problems with an overly rich mixture and it adds up to lower fuel consumption and better throttle response. Highly recommendable with a big bore carb, which often can have problems with a rich mixture at lower revs. Comes with all the small parts needed for fitting. Also available in Chrome.


Includes the following Boost bottle, and Mounting kit.

•    1x Anodized Boost Bottle
•    Color: Blue
•    Made in Italy

Supported Models: Virtually any scooter engine with these measurements.


Item Weight & Package Dimensions:
•   1.469 pounds | 6" (L) x 6" (W) x 6" (H)

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Stage6 Boost Bottle Anodized Blue Set
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