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Taida Stator 8-Pole Racing Performance Kit (Honda Dio)

Taida Stator 8-Pole Racing Performance Kit (Honda Dio)
ETA 45 - 60 Days

Description: High-Quality Lightweight racing stator assembly for Honda Dio AF18 and most AF16 engine without woodruff key. Similar to MVT digital ignition on Minarelli without groove on the rotor. Please make sure to have a timing tool (micrometer or Dial) and to set the timing properly. The timing adjustment of the key is made for the AF18 engine only.

NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR EARLY MODEL (PRE-1994) AF05E Engines. It will work on USA Honda Elites/AF16 models with some modification; for example, the rotor area woodruff groove is not aligned for AF16 but for AF18. However, can still use the rotor with AF16 just remove the woodruff key and used a micrometer for timing top-dead-center. This is intended for race purposes and, in turn, holds NO parts warranty. *Not Returnable Item*


Includes the following in the kit (arrangement by it's mounting bolts assembly).

•    4x M6 Phillip Bolts + Sping’n Washers
•    ABS Plastic Flywheel Fan (blue)
•    Light-Weight Metal Flywheel (gold)
•    2x Phillip Bolts (silver)
•    Stator Base Mount (silver)
•    2x Phillip Bolts (silver)
•    8-Pole Copper Coil Stator
•    2x Phillip Bolts
•    Stator Magneto Pulse
•    Stator Wire Harness
•    Made in Taiwan
•    Fit DIO 50/90cc+

Supported Models: Honda Dio AF16 AF18E 50; Elite S/SE/SR 1994-2001, Daelim Cordi 50, Kymco Fever/ZX50, SYM DD50

Item Weight & Package Dimensions:
•    3 pounds | 14.5" (L) x 10" (W) x 2.5" (H)

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Taida Stator 8-Pole Racing Performance Kit (Honda Dio)
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