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CVT Variator & Kickstart Attribute:
1.    Idle Gear
2.    Idle Pinion Stand
3.    Idle Shaft
4.    Idle Shaft Pin
5.    Idle Shaft Spring
6.    Idle Sprocket Assembly
7.    Kickstart Gear
8.    Kickstart Lever
9.    Kickstart Return Spring
10.    Kickstart Return Stop Bracket
11.    Kickstart Spindle Gear
12.    Kickstart Spindle Set
13.    M12 Washer

14.    M12x16x12 Bushing (rear)
15.    M14 Washer
16.    M14x21x18 Bushing (front)
17.    M12 Nut
18.    M12 Washer
19.    M8x14 Bolt
20.    M8x22 Bolt
21.    Variator Assembly
22.    Variator Boss 24x51
23.    Variator Driven Pulley
24.    Variator Housing Plate
25.    Variator Ramp Top
26.    Variator Weights 18x14
27.    Variator Slides

Scooter CVT slides and weights.

Ban Jing CVT KIT (GY6) Ban Jing CVT KIT (GY6)
ETA 4 - 10 Days
Brand: Ban Jing Part #: 169-500
Description: Ban Jing CVT Kit GY6 aka Super CVT transmission kit for GY6 125/150cc+ engines is one of the best dollar-for-dollar bolt-on to improve your GY6 scooter transmission performance! Quicker acceleration, reach faster top speeds, and makes your GY6 CVT the smoothest running transmission..
Ex Tax:$224.95