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Prima CVK Main Jet 100-140 10-Pcs Kit (139QMB, GY6) Prima CVK Main Jet 100-140 10-Pcs Kit (139QMB, GY6)
4 - 10 Days
Brand: Prima Model: 1300-1130
Description: Prima CVK Main Jet 100-140 10-Pcs Kit for 139QMB 49/50cc, GY6 125/150cc+ CVK carburetors, and 250cc 4-stroke water-cooled 172mm carburetors. Includes 10-pieces, size range from #100 - #140.NOTE: Will work on 139QMB CVK carburetor (Part# NK200.06) that accept 5mm main jet ..
Ex Tax:$19.95
Brand: Prima Model: 1300-1007
Description: A total no-brainer! This kit makes your oil drain bolt magnetically charged to pick up any particles floating in the oil. It's the oldest trick in the book, for good reason--it works!NOTE: Please confirm measurement is correct prior to ordering.Specifications:Includes the following..
Ex Tax:$11.99
Brand: Prima Model: 1300-1129
Description: Prima PB Main Jet 70-115 10-Pcs Kit for 139QMB 49/50cc+ PB carburetors. Includes 10-pieces, size range from #70 - #115.Specifications:Includes the following 10 Piece Set (1 of each size main jets).•    Following Sizes: 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110 & 115•..
Ex Tax:$15.95
Prima Roller Weight Tuning Kit 18x14 (GY6) Prima Roller Weight Tuning Kit 18x14 (GY6)
10 - 14 Days
Brand: Prima Model: 1400-1070
Description: Great quality test roller weights for scooters using GY6 150 engine in scooters and go-carts. Lower your stock weight (12-14) with 9s or 11s for a great performance upgrade for better take and just plain replacing worn out stock weights. 18X14 mm roller set for Buddy 125, Blur, and many..
Ex Tax:$34.95
Brand: Prima Model: SCRUCK
Description: NEW Prima scooter cover now will protect your stretched or lowered scooter from all seasons. Super high-quality, heat and water-resistant cover protection comes with a handy carrying pouch.NOTE: Will fit stretched Honda Ruckus perfectly.Features: •    Bungee Straps Keep C..
Ex Tax:$64.95
Brand: Prima Model: 1300-1133
Description: Are you dialing in your scooter to accommodate for that new air filter, exhaust, cylinder kit, elevation, or season change? Save yourself some of the headaches during the trial and error process by picking up one of our jetting kits! This kit is specifically designed for the SI car..
Ex Tax:$43.00
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