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Hoca Idle Jet (Ruckus NPS50)

Hoca Idle Jet (Ruckus NPS50)

Description: Hoca Idle Jet for Honda Ruckus 50cc carburetors. The idle jet affects fuel flow to the engine the most at closed throttle but has some effect at part throttle. The closer the throttle is to closed, the more influence the idle jet has on fuel flow. A larger size increases flow. A smaller size decreases flow. These jets have small passages and clogging is a common cause for starting or rough idle operation. Recommend cleaning with an air-compressor or replacing it if passages are still clogged. Please select jet size #34 - #44


Include the following Idle jet.

•    Idle Jet Sizes (choose one): 35 RPM to 44 RPM
•    Thread Size: M5 x 0.80mm
•    Overall Length: 28mm
•    Made In Taiwan
•    Fit Ruckus 50

Supported Models: Honda Ruckus 50 (NPS50), Various unlisted makes/models

Item Weight & Product Dimensions:
•   0.0012 pounds | 0.315" (L) x 0.235" (OD) x 0.190" (ID)   

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Hoca Idle Jet (Ruckus NPS50)
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