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Koso Camshaft A12 2V (GY6)
Brand: Koso Model: KOSO-A12
Description: High-Performance Koso Camshaft A12 2-Valve designed specifically for the GY6 Engine. This cam is ideal for increasing low-end power. With its increased leading slope and later intake valve opening makes this the perfect upgrade to go along with your larger displacement cylinder, b..
Ex Tax:$39.95
Koso Oil Pump High-Flow (GY6) Koso Oil Pump High-Flow (GY6)
Brand: Koso Model: NF239000
Description: Koso’s High-Flow Oil Pump (NF239000) for 125/150cc GY6 engines is strongly recommended for those who upgraded their engine with a Big Bore Kit. The addition of this high-quality part will increase the oil flow by 20%, which is a very effective modification that will help prevent engine ..
Ex Tax:$52.00
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