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Bel-Ray Engine Oil EXP Synthetic Ester Blend 4T

Bel-Ray Engine Oil EXP Synthetic Ester Blend 4T

Description: Bel-Ray Engine Oil EXP Synthetic Ester Blend 4T (4-stroke) aka synthetic motor oil combines the finest quality synthetic fluids with select mineral base oils ensuring the highest level of protection for all 4-stroke motorcycles. Contains shear resistant VI improvers to resist viscosity breakdown. Meets the performance requirements of API SM and JASO MA2. Suitable for air-cooled/liquid-cooled 4-stroke engines and wet clutches.


Include the following Engine oil.

•    1x Engine Oil 4T (4-stroke): 1 ltr
•    Engine Oil Weight: 10W-40
•    Cleans deposits
•    Controls sludge and varnish formation
•    Keeps ring lands and grooves free of carbon build-up
•    Provides the cost-effectiveness of mineral-based motor oil and a high-quality performance synthetic
•    Minimizes friction for maximum power
•    Prevents clutch from grabbing for an easily controlled and efficient gear shifting and clutch operation
•    Resists viscosity breakdown
•    Improved anti-wear performance
•    Made in the USA
•    For 4T Engines

Supported Models: Various unlisted makes/models

Item Weight & Product Dimensions:
•    2.2 pounds | 5" (L) x 3" (W) x 8" (H)

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Bel-Ray Engine Oil EXP Synthetic Ester Blend 4T
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