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Dr. Pulley Variator Slide Set (Suzuki 50)

Dr. Pulley Variator Slide Set (Suzuki 50)

Description: Dr. Pulley Variator Slide Set for Suzuki LT80 2-stroke engines. The slide pieces in the variator are equally as important as the rollers. It is highly recommended to change the slide pieces to coincide with the rollers. The Dr. Pulley Variator Slides are made of the same abrasion-resistant nylon as the Dr. Pulley Roller Weights, which promises a long life.

Installation: Make sure variator drive face is seated properly and not get its teeth chewed by the Bendix: 1. Slack the belt by opening the CVT clutch gives belt slack to the variator side. 2. Then install the variator drive face while lifting the slack belt further away from the center boss if done properly should not see any splines between variator drive face slop-side and boss flat-side. Should be flushed together. 3. Then install the existing variator fan, washer, and hand-tight nut. 4. Finally, apply blue Loctitetorque nut to 30-35ft-lbs. For reassurance please consult your manufacturer's variator torque specs.


•    3x Plastic Slides
•    Color: Beige
•    Made in Taiwan
•    Fit Roller Weights 17x12
•    Fit Suzuki 50

Supported Models: Kawasaki KFX80, Suzuki LT80 ATV, Suzuki AP 50, Suzuki AH50, Suzuki AD50, Suzuki UF ESTILETE 50, Suzuki Katana AY50- Suzuki Magic, Suzuki Zilion , Suzuki ZZ SEPIA, Suzuki TR 50, Suzuki Street Magic

Item Weight & Package Dimensions:
•    0.005 pounds | 2" (L) x 1.5" (W) x 0.2" (H)

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Dr. Pulley Variator Slide Set (Suzuki 50)
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